5 Tips for a More Eco Friendly Beauty Routine

5 Tips for a More Eco Friendly Beauty Routine

Happy Earth Day! In honour of today, I'm sharing five tips to help you reduce your environmental impact, starting with your skincare drawers and makeup bags. 

Opt for Glass Packaging //

While we can't always control the packaging of our favourite products, we should stay informed. Glass is the best packaging for not only green beauty, but for food as well! It's completely recyclable, and it can be recycled over and over with no quality issues! 

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Shop Local //

I love this one because it's something we can control. Think about it. If you're living in the States but are buying products from say, Australia or England, think about how far those products have to travel. Think about all of the gas and energy used. 

If we shop local, we can eliminate some of that. Search around for green beauty markets, look on etsy, and ask your favourite bloggers where they get their products. 

In Toronto alone, we have Petal & Post, the Detox Market, the Cure Apothecary. In London, just two hours away, Batty's Bath is always creating new products. 

Source Local + Ethically // 

While we can always shop local, sometimes the products include ingredients sourced in far away countries. But if we can look for ethically sourced ingredients, we can make sure that the people and environment were cared for throughout the sourcing process. 

Look for fair trade certifications on coffee, tea, chocolate, and even clothes. For green beauty, do a little research about brands and see how they source their ingredients. For example, Rahua and Leaves of Trees are examples of brands that are committed to sustainable practices and ethical souring. 

Look Out for Green Washing //

This is another really easy way to reduce your environmental impact. A lot of brands have started using words like "natural" and "green" in order to make their products seem better. But when you look at the label, the ingredients are just as bad as the next conventional product. 

Don't waste your time with these brands. They're not actually using natural, sustainable ingredients. They're often using chemicals and icky ingredients that are doing more harm to our planet. 

Search for Multi Use Products //

In an effort to minimize packaging and the energy it costs to transport products, look for multi use products. You'll not only cut down on packaging, you'll save money too! And space in your drawers. 

I love the Acure Organics Dry Shampoo for absorbing excess oil, volumizing, and texturizing my hair. I love the Leaves of Trees Argan Oils for skin, hair, and nail hydration. Their cleansing oil is also a wonderful multi use product! It's going to remove makeup and cleanse while also moisturizing your skin so you can skip all of the extra products. 

What are your favourite ways to help the environment? 

Until next time,