A lot of people avoid scented products because they can be irritating. But I can't get enough of rose. It's relaxing and can even be good for your skin! Here are some of my favourite rose infused beauty products.

Persian Rose Natural Soap // Pacifica

I picked this up in Winner's which is a great place to find discount natural beauty products. I've gotten lots of body lotions, soaps, and face masks from their shelves. This is my second bar of Pacifica soap and so far it's my favourite. I don't love their rose perfume because I find it's too powdery, but I love this soap. It's got that classic rose scent to it without the chemicals or parabens. It also foams really well for a bar of soap with sulfates. If bars aren't your thing, it also comes in a body wash.

1000 Roses Rosewater Mask // Andalou Naturals

I couldn't write a rose themed post without including something from Andalou's 1000 Roses line. My favourite of this line is the face mask. I love how quick and easy it is to use - it takes ten minutes, and because it's a creamy mask the removal process takes two seconds. It's nice and hydrating and it also helps to calm your skin, which I really need. I use this two times a week along with a clarifying mask.

Green Tea & Rose Serum // John Masters Organics

While this isn't a full on rose product, it is infused with rose. Green tea is the main ingredient and helps to rejuvenate the skin, but the rose helps to nourish. If you've got dry skin, this a wonderful serum that's going to help hydrate and calm your skin.

Lipstick in Flashy // Mineral Fusions

This wouldn't be a rose themed post without a rose lipstick. This is a very classy, bold, red lipstick that reminds me of the classic red rose. It's a beautiful shade that works on everyone. The Mineral Fusions formula is awesome too - While it's not incredibly hydrating, it's long lasting and isn't fussy. It doesn't peel or ball up or do any of those weird things some lipsticks do. I've purchased the same formula in different shades, and they all work wonderfully.

Minted Rose Lip Balm // Smith's

In case a bold red lip isn't your thing, this is a lovely rose infused lip balm. It's also got a bit of mint in there so it is really refreshing.

Do you like rose? If not, what's your favourite scent?

Until next time,