5 Reasons Why Buying Local Beauty is Important

5 Reasons Why Buying Local Beauty is Important
Why Buying Local Beauty is Important

We all know it's important to source your food as locally as possible. It's better for the environment, your community, and for you. But what about beauty products? 

I'm a big believer in buying local beauty - and here's why. 

1. Less Packaging

When you're able to shop locally, you're going to save on packaging. You're going to avoid the boxes and packaging materials that are necessary to ship products across the country. And while yes, that box is recyclable, if you could avoid it altogether, why wouldn't you?

2. Reduce Your Use of Fossil Fuels

This is a big one. If you avoid shipping beauty products across the world, you'll reduce your contribution to fossil fuels, because your products won't require a plane or truck for transport. This is also why locally sourced ingredients is ideal - you'll save even more fossil fuels. 

3. Support Your Local Economy

Supporting your local economy is a big way you can support your community. I'm not an expert in economics, but when you support local businesses, you're supporting real people in your own community, rather than a CEO in another province. You're also creating demand for good, local jobs in your area. Why wouldn't you want that? 

4. Support Your Community

And when you support local businesses, you're supporting local people. You're supporting your neighbours, your friends, your coworkers, or whoever. You're supporting real live people that are trying to make a living doing what they love - formulating natural beauty products for you. 

5. Saves You Money

At the end of the day, buying local saves you money. For the most part, when you're ordering online, you're either going to have to spend a lot to get free shipping, or shell out an extra ten dollars to have your products sent your way. It may not seem like much, but it does add up. And if you could save some money, why wouldn't you? 

For me, buying local as much as possible is an obvious choice. But is it for you? Why do you, or don't you, buy local? (No judgements here, I promise!)

With love,