5 Plastic Free Green Beauty Brands
5 Plastic Free Green Beauty Brands

In honour of Plastic Free July I want to share some of my go to green beauty brands that are focusing on reducing plastic and opting for glass, metal, and in Meow Meow Tweet's case, compostable packaging.

These are great alternatives to products packaged in plastic, which really isn't the best material for us nor for the environment.

You can learn more about the event and why you should avoid plastic here

Meow Meow Tweet.

When it comes to innovation, Meow Meow Tweet is one of the leading vegan and green beauty personal care lines. The cruelty free line not only ensures that ingredients are ethically sourced, but they also package products in eco friendly glass or metal containers, with the occasional plastic lid or pump. 


For a USDA certified organic skincare line, cocokind is your go to. Made with simple, often Fair Trade ingredients, cocokind recently made the switch to glass packaging.

Like Meow Meow Tweet, they use the occasional plastic lid or pump. Unfortunately, this is almost unavoidable, but I'm happy to see brands are taking steps to reduce as much plastic as possible. 

Herbivore Botanicals.

When I think of beautiful, luxurious packaging, Herbivore Botanicals often comes to mind. All of their products are packaged in beautiful glass containers, from their face masks to facial oils. Their soaps are packaged in recyclable paper. 

Harlow Skin Co. 

One of the two Canadian brands I'm covering here, Harlow Skin Co. is another example of luxurious packaging. Their skincare, body care, and candles all come in simple glass jars, often with metal lids instead of plastic ones. 

Leaves of Trees.

A Toronto based beauty brand that's been a favourite for a while, Leaves of Trees packages their products in amber glass jars to protect the product from sunlight. They also use paper wrap and even metal tubes.

They're totally Fair Trade or even better, Direct Trade, and use certified organic ingredients. 

How are you reducing plastic this Plastic Free July?

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