5 Green Beauty Picks for Summer

Just like our skin's needs change with the seasons, our go to beauty products do as well. Today I want to share some of my go to green beauty picks for Summer so you can stop worrying about which sunscreen to buy and start enjoying all the season has to offer. 

Organic Self Tanning Spray / The Chocolate Sun 

I've always had pale skin that needs lots of sun protection year round. But when Summer comes around, I've always wanted to tan. Laying out in the sun without sun protection is not good for our skin or our health, so I'm really glad The Chocolate Sun has created their line of organic, green beauty self tanning sprays. 

Made with aloe, olive oil, green tea, and organic herbs, this spray is gentle enough for sensitive skin. I've included my tips and tricks for application in my review (link above) but it's actually really simple. I shave and use a scrub the night before, apply in the morning, and ensure I'm not out and about all day. I'll weak dark, loose clothing and usually take the day to write and get caught up on emails.

It's a simple way to give your skin a little bronzing effect, without sacrificing your health or safety. 

Sport Sunscreen Stick SPF 35 / Badger Balm  

While I do apply more sunscreen during the Summer, I advocate for applying sun protection to your face every single day.

This affordable sunscreen is made with simple ingredients, including non nano zinc oxide, which is the ideal sun protection. It's going to moisturize and protect your skin without creating irritation or clogging pores. It's also in a convenient tube package that allows you to touch up on the go.

I also recommend Badger Balm for your all over sunscreen as well, which you can find here.  

Deodorant Stick / Meow Meow Tweet

When the temperatures heat up, you'll need a good deodorant. This deodorant is made with nourishing, moisturizing ingredients that beat odor without any obnoxious cover up. It's also made in a biodegradable package so you can reduce your odor while reducing waste. 

*This deodorant is very effective and I don't need touch ups. However, it is a creamier deodorant, so it could melt in hotter temperatures if kept in a bag or the car. I recommend keeping a pack of the Pacifica Beauty Deodorant Wipes for on the go.

DIY Dry Shampoo / 

After using up the last of the Acure Organics Dry Shampoo (one of my holy grail products for years) I decided to make my own.

I've been using 1/4 cup arrowroot starch with 2 drops of lavender essential oil and 2 drops of peppermint essential oil. The starch absorbs excess oil and lavender and peppermint help with hair health.

I'm really happy with the simplicity of this DIY, but I want to get creative in the future and try mixing kaolin clay and other ingredients to see what happens. 

Satin Matte Foundation Powder / Alima Pure 

Makeup is always tricky in the Summer, especially because my dry skin prefers creamier products. But I love this light foundation powder that evens my skin tone, provides a matte finish, and just makes my skin look bright and clear. It's become an everyday essential that's great for the heat of Summer. 

What are your go to green beauty picks for Summer? 

With love,