5 Essential Beauty Tools
5 Essential Beauty Tools

Everyone needs a few essential beauty tools to keep their skin and hair looking great. Let's talk about which ones you should keep in your beauty cabinet!

Dry Brush

Dry brushing is a simple ritual that has so many benefits. It improves circulation, which is key in maintaining healthy skin. Improving circulation also helps with your skin's clarity as it can help reduce clogged pores, leaving your skin bright and clear. Dry brushing even assists your body with lymphatic drainage, allowing your body to release more toxins. 

To get started all you need is a brush made with natural bristles. The natural part is important. You may find some made from animal fibers and that's not what you want. I use my dry brush at least once a day, either before showering or before applying lotion. 

To start your ritual, start at your feet and work upwards in long, slow motions, always moving towards your heart. Avoid your face and breasts as they're too sensitive to be brushed. It shouldn't take more than thirty seconds, but you'll feel amazing. 

Jade Facial Roller

A jade facial roller is one of my favourite skincare tools. By massaging your skin with the cool stone, you can improve your circulation, reduce congestion, and eliminate toxins. There are actually a lot of other benefits too, but these are my favourite.

I use my roller all of the time. While I'm sitting at my desk, during Twitter chats, while I'm watching a show, during a bath, and any other time I can. It's been really great for my cystic acne because the massage helps to reduce the congestion underneath the surface of my skin before the spot worsens. 

I really don't think there's a right or wrong way to do this, just roll the tool over your skin with light to medium pressure to massage your skin. You may notice your skin becomes a little red - that's normal as your circulation improves. 

You can buy these on Amazon, but they'll often end up broken. I recommend purchasing from a more reputable shop like Herbivore Botanicals. It's more expensive, but you know it will be good quality. 

Wooden Hair Brush

A wooden hair brush sounds unnecessary, but it isn't. Unlike it's plastic counterpart, the wooden bristles are so much better for your hair and scalp.

Instead of pulling your hair, the bristles are much more gentle than plastic pegs. They gently massage your scalp, improving circulation and growth. They don't leave your hair static, frizzy, or irritated. The act of brushing evenly distributes your hair's natural oils, ensuring your hair is nourished from root to end. And avoiding plastic is better for you and for the environment. 

I bought mine from Urban Spa, a Toronto based company that sells a lot of eco friendly beauty tools. 


Tweezers aren't the most important tool on this list, but they're handy to have around. I don't pluck or thread my brows anymore as I want them to grow out, but you'll never know when you'll have a hair out of place. If you get a good pair, you'll never have to buy another. 

Safety Razor

This isn't a beauty essential if you don't shave. But if you do, you want to ditch the disposables and invest in a safety razor. While it's a little bit of a bigger purchase up front, it will save you a lot of money over the cost of it's life. 

Instead of using plastic, this steel alternative is made to last. While scary at first, this razor makes shaving a much more enjoyable process. It's easy to use, it works better than the disposables, and I don't accidentally nick myself anymore. 

To use, use a good lathering bar of soap. I'm using the Tangerine Basil Body Bar* from Meow Meow Tweet right now. Wet your legs and lather up. Let the weight of the razor guide you - don't press down too hard. I alternate sides of the razor so I'm evenly using the blade. Make sure to wash the blade every so often to clean it and reduce the risk of cutting yourself. Sounds complicated, but once you get going, it's really easy. 

You can purchase yours from Life Without Plastic, a shop I love and trust for all things plastic free. 

What are your go to beauty essentials? 

With love,