5 Brightening Products for Your Post-Winter Skin

5 Brightening Products for Your Post-Winter Skin
5 Brightening Products for Your Post-Winter Skin

I love a good brightening product, but there aren't that many out there. And while I try to use them year round, it's always nice to incorporate them after Winter, when your skin might be looking a little dry and dull (trust me, mine always is!).

These products are ones that truly brighten your skin, with plant based ingredients like turmeric, pineapple enzymes, orange blossom water, and vitamin C. 

It's worth noting that products with vitamin C can make your skin more susceptible to the sun, so it's best to only use them at night!

Cocokind Turmeric Spot Treatment

This spot treatment is an almost daily beauty essential of mine. I use it at night for an hour or two to reduce inflammation, redness, acne, and acne scars. It's the only spot treatment to ever work, and I find the turmeric in this treatment is also good for brightening up the skin!

Leaves of Trees Brightening Face Mask

Made with soothing kaolin clay, exfoliating pineapple, and brightening turmeric, this face mask is softening, clarifying, soothing, and brightening - all in one mask!

Andalou Naturals Clementine + C Illuminating Toner

I didn't really think a toner could be brightening, but this one totally is. It worked well for my dry skin in the Winter, but I think it could also work for oilier skin types. 

Herbblissful Rosehip Repair Serum*

This is a wonderful serum that I'm totally obsessed with. It's the first serum that's kept acne at bay without causing irritation or dryness. And it even fades acne scars, so while it's not directly brightening, by fading scars and reducing inflammation your skin will look much brighter!

Wildcraft Geranium Orange Blossom Face Cream

The orange blossom water in this luxurious face cream helps to brighten the skin, while the other ingredients improve circulation and cell regeneration, leaving your skin super soft, comfortable, and luminous. 

How are you brightening your skin after Winter? P.S Regular exfoliation, like with the Cocokind Organic Sea Moss Exfoliator, will help keep your skin bright and clear!

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