4 Teas to Nourish Your Skin

I'm not into sugary drinks, but I do love a good cup of tea. My favourites are teas that nourish my body, and my skin, from the inside out. 

There are so many factors in your health and wellness. Tea may seem like a very small factor that doesn't really influence your health at all. But I know that I feel and look so much better when I'm sipping on high quality teas with healing properties.

So today I want to share my favourites with you! 

4 Teas to Nourish Your Skin

Green Seduction Tea // David's Tea (Discontinued)

A good, green tea is one of the best ways to boost your skin care. Green tea is packed with antioxidants that work to slow signs of aging, improve circulation, and even heal acne. 

I know personally that the last two benefits are absolutely true! My skin is so much more clear and bright when I'm drinking a cup of green tea every morning. 

EveryDay Detox Dandelion Tea // Traditional Medicinals

I believe that if we're taking care of our bodies, we don't need to do extreme detoxes. But I do love drinking this organic herbal tea that harnesses the detoxing power of dandelion and fennel. It's safe to drink every day to give your body a little extra boost. 

Ginger Tea // Traditional Medicinals 

Ginger tea is widely known for it's digestive benefits, but it's also really great for your skin too. By improving digestion, this tea helps nourish our skin too.

I suffer from hormonal acne on my chin, that's also caused by poor digestion. I have a lot of food sensitives and with proper diet, digestive enzymes, and lots of ginger tea, I've seen how a healthy gut can translate to healthy, glowing, acne free skin.  

Lemon Tea // 

Lemon tea is a very simple tea that's great for our overall health, but also for our skin. I prepare this by simply squeezing a whole lemon into a cup of hot water. 

Lemon is very high in Vitamin C, and it's also great for helping out body flush out toxins. The Vitamin C is going to help with repairing your skin and giving you a bright glow.

It's also going to help with building your immune system. If your immune system is working well, your body is able to repair itself. So if you suffer from acne, your body can help heal it faster with a proper working immune system!

What teas do you drink to nourish your skin? 

Until next time, 



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