3 DIY Body Oil Sprays to Uplift, Refresh, + Ground

3 DIY Body Oil Sprays to Uplift, Refresh, + Ground
3 DIY Body Oil Sprays to Uplift, Refresh, + Ground

With incredibly sensitive skin, I've given up on lotions and body balms for now and I'm getting back to basics. 

This all started because I wanted to create a bath oil. I hate when my skin feels dry and itchy after a long, hot bath, so I wanted an oil to moisturize while I'm soaking. 

I started by infusing organic olive oil with dried calendula. The olive oil is a light but nourishing oil that actually dissolves in the tub. I was having a hard time finding one that did! Olive oil is low on the comedogenic scale, which means it's not likely to clog your pores. I used calendula because it's great for reducing inflammation and healing irritated skin. 

To infuse your oil simply fill a jar with calendula. Don't pack it too tightly, or you won't be able to get any oil in. Once it's full, cover the herbs with oil. Then leave in a tightly sealed jar for a few weeks. I left mine for four. Once your time is up, use a small mesh strainer to separate the calendula and oil. You'll be left with a jar of anti-inflammatory, moisturizing oil. 

While olive oil has a light scent compared to coconut, I didn't really want to smell like olives. I went into my essential oil drawer and came out with three beautiful combinations I think you'll really love. 

While I was looking for oils, I found a couple of empty, amber glass spray bottles and felt inspired. A bottle with a pump would be ideal for a bath oil, but what if I made a body oil spray instead? 

I was thinking I'd need some other ingredients to make the olive oil work in a spray bottle, but I didn't. The olive oil and essential oils easily work with the small spray tube.

With just a few simple steps, ta da! You have a calendula infused, nourishing oil with a scent that's perfect for you, whether it's uplifting, refreshing, or grounding. 

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Base Recipe

I used one ounce jars because they're what I had on hand but they're great because they're small, so you can make small batches as you need them. You won't be left with large bottles of oil that you don't like, nor will you need to use preservatives. 

Your base recipe looks like this:

  • A little less than 1 oz oil 
  • 15-20 drops of essential oil*

*Please don't add more than twenty drops. After that, you're at a pretty high concentration of oils and that could irritate your skin, especially if you have sensitive, easily inflamed skin. I stuck with fifteen drops per bottle, but if you're really worried, start with ten. You can always add more. 

All you have to do is pour your olive oil into the bottle about 3/4 of the way. Add in your essential oils. Seal your lid tightly, and shake. Adjust your scent as needed. 

It's really that simple. I've blended three different scent options for you to get started, but you can always make your own combination or use different oils. Get creative! 


  • 10 Drops Wild Orange
  • 5 Drops Eucalyptus

This blend is one of my favourites. The wild orange is very bright and uplifting, but the eucalyptus adds this rejuvenating, refreshing scent. The pair makes any day so much better as you'll feel more cheery and refreshed. 


  • 10 Drops Lemon
  • 5 Drops Peppermint

Lemon and mint is one of the most refreshing, clean scent combinations. The lemon is a little sweet, but of course tart, and the peppermint is just freshness in a bottle. I love using this on hot Summer days or even cloudy, cold Winter days when you want to feel fresh and clean. 


  • 10 Drops Lavender
  • 5 Drops Ylang Ylang

Lavender is one of the most grounding scents (in my opinion). The ylang ylang adds a bit of brightness, but the lavender is the star of the show here. This is the perfect scent combination at the end of a long day. 

If you make these recipes, I'd love to know your thoughts! Tag me in your social posts or send me a picture!

What is your favourite DIY recipe? What DIY would you like to try? 

With love,