Simple and Sustainable
Simple and Sustainable
A Simple Approach to Beauty

Sponsored Content Disclaimer

Some of the products featured on Simple and Sustainable are purchased by myself and some are samples provided by brands. 

I am incredibly selective about the brands I choose to work with. I choose to work with people who have the same core values as myself and who genuinely want to make a difference in the industry. 

I approach my work with honesty and integrity. Products and brands featured on Simple and Sustainable are thoroughly and honestly reviewed, and I truly believe in each and every one. I am not required to feature any brands or products and always do so at my discretion. 


Products with an (*) were sent with the explicit intention to be reviewed on Simple and Sustainable.

Products with an (+) were sent as PR gifts to be reviewed if and when I decide. 

Sponsored content, while rare, is always disclosed as such.